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Metrodata have manufactured COTS versions of Militarised Products, as well as developing our own range of COTS products for Defense Contracts, and pro-active development of COTS products for the Defense community.

Metrodata's work with L-3 and Raytheon as part of the Global Hawk USAF UAV Program culimnated in us developing specific COTS versions of militarized hardware for Transportable Satcom Terminals to be used in-theatre. We developed an uato-date rate adjusting system for exact clocking automatically from the satcom terminal through to the crypto at the other end.


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The majority of Metrodata's work in this area is with the US Navy.We have worked closely with Naval Warfare Development Command  (NWDC) to provide equipment for optimizing ATM Switch Interfacing for the Naval Continous Training Exercise. We also provided equipment for the C4ISR Suite for operation Striking Atlantic where distributed Battle Planning was done from seperate Battleships.

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Space Shuttle Discovery Launchpad

Metrodata have been involved in Space Mission Systems since 2002 when we developed an ECL Module for our APSAT Platform, to allow Differential ECL Over OC-3 for TT&C For NASA Space Shuttle. This was for replacement of an obsoleted ECL Fiber Modem.

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Global Hawk

In 2001 Metrodata became involved with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems. We are not concerned with the specific Payload of the UAV, rather we are concerned with the Data Link characteristics that the Payload enforces on the UAV System.

Typically a UAV System will have the following elements:

  • Air Vehicle
  • Data Link
  • Payload
  • Mission Planning and Control Station (MPCS)

Ground Data Terminals Attract Hostile Fire

The Ground Data Terminal (GDT) is the ground portion of the data link. The GDT communicates with the UAV typically via microwave antenna that can provide Line-Of-Sight communications. Where this is not possible, satellite can be used.

In the past, the GDT would be co-located with the MPCS. Decisions can be made at the MPCS, as video, command, and telemetry data are all processed and displayed there. However, the RF emissions from the GDT can attract hostile fire.

So, where applicable the MPCS can be located remotely from the GDT, ensuring the safety of the Decision Makers and Controllers of the UAV. Typically this would be via Fiber Optic Cables, or if it was on an Air Base via the Bases ATM/Secure Network.

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High Speed Vessel

C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) is a major growth area for Metrodata.

Working with the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC), the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Metrodata worked on the Comms System and Interoperable C4i Ops Center for the US Navy/US Army experimental high speed vessel (HSV).

This test platform for emerging technologies proved so successful it was pressed into service in the war in Iraq.

Providing flexible, reliable C4I systems allowed us to offer the possibility of an at-sea Joint Operations Center (JOC) in theater.

Metrodata's ability to interface disparate equipment, protocol and interfaces allowed seamless interoperability between different network assets.

Mr. Guy Purser, Chief Engineer for NWDC, had specific goals for the type of C4I suite to prototype on the Joint Venture. "We wanted a state-of-the-art complement of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems that provided an integrated workstation for applications, voice, and radio whether the application or transmission was local or long haul. Joint Venture has demonstrated the efficacy of this COTS design in actual combat conditions with a high state of reliability."

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