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Operating at speeds up to 52Mbps, the KIV-7M is the first encrypter to attain the NSA's new guidelines under the Crypto Modernisation Initiative. For high speed operationg the KIV-7M has an LVDS / EIA644 interface, which is not commonly found on Telecoms or Datacomms equipment unless of course you come to Metrodata.

LVDS is not a new interface to Metrodata, as long before the KIV-7M came out we were already supporting LVDS on our LV1000 Ethernet over Serial Extender (now replaced by the LV2000 Ethernet over Serial Extender) offering Ethernet service delivery applications over LVDS satellite modems at data rates of up to 52Mbps.


The LV2000 enables the connection of an Ethernet Interface on a router or switch to an LVDS/EIA644 encrypter such as the KIV-7M, supporting data rates of up to 52Mbps including asymmetric data rates (e.g. 26Mbps in one direction and 42Mbps in the other direction). The LV2000 also supports an Automatic Crypto Resync function whereby the data is constantly monitored for loss of synchronisation (e.g. as occurs when moving between satellite footprints) and when this loss of synchronisation occurs the encrypters are automatically told to resynchronise.

LV2000 Ethernet to LVDS Encrypter Converter

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Other example KIV-7M LVDS / EIA644 interfacing applications:

We are also developing other EIA644/LVDS products that may help you interface your infrastructure to the KIV-7M or other LVDS encrypters, so please contact us if you need to interface EIA644/LVDS products with fiber, EIA530, or leased line services such as E3, DS-3 or OC-3.


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