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Metrodata have been involved in Satcoms since the beginning of our company. Early products include the first HSSI E2 and HSSI E3 Converters for Intelsat and Cisco, so Intelsat could test the new Cisco HSSI Interface in 1993. Over the years we have done other developments for intelsat including more recently the LH1000 Ethernet Over Serial device which is used by Intelsat to offer IP Services via Serial Satellite Modems.

We have a wide range of general Metrodata products that can be applied to Satellite, and also some more 'specialist' products which are designed specifically for Satellite Applications. Typically Metrodata are involved in the following:

  • IP Over Satellite
  • High Data Rate Over Satellite - Frame Relay, IP or ATM
  • Satellite Backhaul - Serial, E1 and IP Modems

Our work with leading Satcom Manufacturers such as Comtech EFDATA, Advantech AMT and Paradise Datacom allows us to push the envelope of serial data rates and allows us to be the first WAN Hardware manufacturer to offer serial EIA530 support from 8kbps to 20Mbps in 1bit increments, Asymmetrically, Symmetrically or Full Duplex. This is the most flexible and accurately clocked Serial interface available for conversion to E3, DS-3, OC-3, Fiber and ATM. Its also matches in with the EIA530 max speeds of leading Satellite Modems. Working with Satellite Modems allows us to support high speeds on a number of interfaces including:

  • LVDS - 52Mbps
  • HSSI - 110Mbps
  • ECL - 110Mbps
  • ASI - 52Mbps
  • EIA530 - 20Mbps
  • V.35 - 20Mbps



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