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With experience of interfacing a variety of different types of bulk, trunk and link encryption devices, Metrodata can provide interface conversion, interface optimisation and end to end crypto transport over a wide range of different infrastructures.

Working with Crypto Manufacturers such as General Dynamics , Thales e-Security , L-3 TRL , Crypto AG and Mykotronx allows us to  try and support various bitrates and interfaces to allow easy and seamless connection of their Encryption Equipment to Standard Satcom, Radio and WAN/IP Infrastructure.

Metrodata also support specific features on some of our products such as Automatic Crypto Resynchronisation which we developed for the US Naval Warfare Development Comand (NWDC).

Our work with leading Satcom Manufacturers such as Comtech EFDATA, Advantech AMT and Paradise Datacom allows us to push the envelope of serial data rates and allows us to be the first WAN Hardware manufacturer to offer serial EIA530 support from 8kbps to 20Mbps in 1bit increments, Asymmetrically, Symmetrically or Full Duplex. This is the most flexible and accurately clocked Serial interface available for conversion to E3, DS-3, OC-3, Fiber and ATM.



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