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The Metrodata WC X.21 enables the transmission of LAN frames over an EIA530 connection.

WC Front

WC X.21 Rear

The standard defense application has an WC X.21 offering an Ethernet service over an EIA530 satellite modem. EIA530 modems are generally a low cost alternative to HSSI modems for data rates up to 20Mbps.

The WC X.21 requires no configuration in most installations, and is truly "plug and play". The integrated 4-port LAN switch supports local switching , thereby removing the need for external switches or hubs in smaller LAN installations. Full wirespeed switching and filtering between the 10/100 BaseT LAN ports is supported so that only packets destined for the remote site are forwarded over the link.

The LAN interface is a 4-port auto-sensing Ethernet switch which supports 10M, 100M, full or half duplex operation. Manual selection of 100BaseT FD operation enables connection to fixed configuration router ports. The LAN interface has RJ45 connectors with cabling issues minimised through the use of automatic MDI/MDIX selection on these ports. A highly efficient HDLC encapsulation is used which has address learning and filtering at up to 148810 packets per second, which ensures that maximum throughput is achieved on the WAN link. Internal packet buffering enables bursty traffic to be smoothed out to ensure zero packet loss.

The EIA530 modem interface is presented as a DTE and will operate at data rates of up to 20Mbps in each direction, since it is clocked using the Send Timing and Receive Timing signals supplied by the DCE port on the connected modem. The WC X.21 will operate in a standard bi-directional, symmetric mode as well as uni-directional or asymmetric applications.

Status LEDs indicate speed and traffic flow on the Ethernet port, whilst unit configuration is performed via BIT switches on the base on the unit.

The WC X.21 can also be used to connect LANs across a Nx64kbps leased line, such as a BT Kilostream-N service.

Further information can be found via the WC X.21 product page.


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