HSSI / EIA612 Products

Metrodata are specialists in HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface) and first manufactured HSSI Equipment in 1993. Cisco had just developed the HSSI interface to be flexible, and support asymmetric data rates. It proved far easier for a satellite network to take advantage of HSSI, but at the time Satellite Modems were only manufactured with G.703 Interfaces. In order to use the Cisco HSSI Interface with a Satellite Modem, Metrodata manufactured the first 8.448Mbps G.703 to HSSI Converter called the Metrodata FM4850.

Metrodata has subsequently developed a wide range of HSSI Products:

·         FM4900 - 34.368Mbps E3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

·         FM4950 - 44.736Mbps DS3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

·         HE1000 - HSSI Line Driver / HSSI to ASI Converter

·         LH1000 - HSSI to Ethernet Converter (For use in Satellite Networks)

·         DC3445 - Low Cost Dual Speed E3/DS-3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

·         PA1000 - HSSI to POS OC-3 / Fiber Converter

·         Access Processor - ATM Switch with HSSI Module (ATM and NON-ATM)

·         HSSI CE DSU - HSSI Over Fiber/ATM/WAN/IMA

The last 3 devices can all be used to transport HSSI Over Fiber, though mainly the HSSI CE DSU would be used for single HSSI interface to single Fiber interface. The Access Processor would be used where there is a requirement to transport multiple HSSI connections over a Single Fiber or Pair of Fibers.

1 PA1000 - HSSI to POS OC-3 / STM-1
2 FM4950 - HSSI Over DS-3 44.736Mbps G.703
3 FM4900 - HSSI Over E3 34.368Mbps G.703
4 FM4850 - HSSI Over E2 8.448Mbps G.703
5 HSSI ATM Module
6 HSSI CBR Module
7 BC1100 Red Side LVDS EIA644 to HSSI Converter
8 BC1000 Black Side LVDS EIA644 to HSSI Converter
9 LH1000 - Ethernet Over HSSI,RS-232, EIA-530, X.21, V.35, RS449/ V.36

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