Fiber Optic Modems

 Metrodata's Fiber Optic Modems  (FOM) provide our Defense users with efficient electrical to optical conversion. Typically military electronic comms and data signals are provided on serial interfaces on Encryption Equipment, Radio Relay Systems and Satcom Equipment. The line driving distance of most serial interfaces is not very far and in the past lots of repeaters were necessary to get any decent distance. With the increased use of fiber, its easier to get decent distances, even up to 100 kilometres. 

With Metrodata, we specialise in high throughput serial interfaces, and supporting transport of Telecom rates over our Fiber Optic Modems. 

Metrodata FOM's are available in the following Optical interfaces:

  • Single Mode Short Haul SC
  • Single Mode Long Haul SC
  • Multi Mode SC

Metrodata FOM's support Serial side and Telco/G.703 including:

  • E1,
  • E3/DS-3
  • OC-3 / STM-1
  • Ethernet

We also support EIA530 to 20Mbps and HSSI/ECL to 110Mbps over Fiber, for precisely clocked and exact bitrates (For crypto/satcom) on the Metrodata AP3000.
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1 PA1000 - HSSI to POS OC-3 / STM-1
2 FC3x00 E3/DS-3 Fiber Optic Modem
3 FC1200 E1 Single Mode Long Haul SC Fiber Optic Modem
4 FC1100 E1 Single Mode Short Haul SC Fiber Optic Modem
5 FC1000 E1 Multimode SC Fiber Optic Modem

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