Access Concentrator


The Metrodata AP Platform enables the interfacing of odd serial bitrates, standard telco services and infrastructure, and LAN/IP and other NON-ATM Services into a single platform. Narrowband (8kbps) to Wideband (155Mbps OC-3) data rates are supported.

Its based around a modular Chassis, coming in 3 sizes:

  • AP3000 - 3 Slot
  • AP4000 - 4 Slot
  • AP8000 - 8 Slot

The APSAT supports all common North American and European Interfaces such as T1, E1, E2, E3, DS-3, OC-3/STM-1. It can be used as a simple ATM Switch, an Access Concentrator of NON-ATM Services or even as an interface converter / FOM. With the addition of specialist modules for Satellite and Defense interfacing, the APSAT becomes a small backbone switch for integrating satellite and terrestrial networks.


1 HSSI ATM Module
2 Resilient APS Module
3 OC-3 / STM-1 Module
4 DS-3 ATM Module
5 E3 ATM Module
6 E2 ATM Module
7 E1 ATM Module
8 ASI CBR Module
9 EIA530 CBR Module
10 HSSI CBR Module
11 T1 CBR Module
12 DS-3 CBR Module
13 E3 CBR Module
14 E2 CBR Module
15 E1 CBR Module
16 AP8000 Chassis
17 AP4000 Chassis
18 AP3000 Chassis
19 EIA530 ATM Module
20 Access Processor Range (APSAT)

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