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    Throughout the Metrodata product range there are numerous devices supporting OC-3/STM-1 155.52Mbps operation. We have the ATM Switching DSU's and CE DSUs that take non 155.52Mbps speeds such as E1, E2, E3 and DS-3 and tranport these over OC-3. We also have a wide range of STM-1 Fiber Converters and Fiber Optic Modems for STM-1 Electrical, Multimode SC, Single Mode Short and Long Haul SC. Added to this we have Ethernet over STM-1 and also the Metrolan1000 and Metrolan2000 which are GFP Mapping products that take 8 x E1/T1 plus 8 x 10/100BaseT Ethernet over an STM-1 SDH Network (With Metrolan supporting in addition 3 x E3/DS-3). 

    Also the Metrodata AP (an Access Concentrator) that supports numerous physical interfaces and bitrates over STM-1 / OC-3.  

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    As one of the first European Telecoms Manufacturers to support DS-3, Metrodata provided interface converters to most of the large North American Manufacturers such as Cisco, NET, Lucent, Fore etc to enable them to connect to European E3 lines.

    Now we support a wide variety of DS-3 interfacing including DS-3 Fiber Optic Modems, DS-3 HSSI CSU/DSU's, DS-3 to OC-3 ATM Converters and of course Ethernet over DS-3.

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    With the E3 to DS-3 and E3 to OC-3 as some of our first products, Metrodata provided North American manufacturers with products for interfacing non-European products to the large European Telecoms Carrier Networks (BT, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom).

    We now have E3 available across our product portfolio, whether you want to convert HSSI to E3, Ethernet to E3, Fiber to E3 or simply want to connect to a non E3 link such as DS-3 or OC-3.


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    Metrodata are one of the few companies still manufacturing and designing E2 products to support existing and legacy networks. Primarily for supporting E2 capable Radio Relay systems running at 8.448Mbps, Metrodata have a range of products for supporting conversion to more usable serial interfaces typically X.21.

    We can also aggregate multiple E2 circuits, radios or systems into a single higher speed output or trunk.


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    Metrodata E1 Products form a large part of our range. From E1 Fiber Optic Modems, to Ethernet Over E1 we have a wide range of products to solve most of your E1 interfacing requirements.


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    Metrodata are specialists in HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface) and first manufactured HSSI Equipment in 1993. Cisco had just developed the HSSI interface to be flexible, and support asymmetric data rates. It proved far easier for a satellite network to take advantage of HSSI, but at the time Satellite Modems were only manufactured with G.703 Interfaces. In order to use the Cisco HSSI Interface with a Satellite Modem, Metrodata manufactured the first 8.448Mbps G.703 to HSSI Converter called the Metrodata FM4850.

    Metrodata has subsequently developed a wide range of HSSI Products:

    ·         FM4900 - 34.368Mbps E3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

    ·         FM4950 - 44.736Mbps DS3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

    ·         HE1000 - HSSI Line Driver / HSSI to ASI Converter

    ·         LH1000 - HSSI to Ethernet Converter (For use in Satellite Networks)

    ·         DC3445 - Low Cost Dual Speed E3/DS-3 HSSI to G.703 Converter

    ·         PA1000 - HSSI to POS OC-3 / Fiber Converter

    ·         Access Processor - ATM Switch with HSSI Module (ATM and NON-ATM)

    ·         HSSI CE DSU - HSSI Over Fiber/ATM/WAN/IMA

    The last 3 devices can all be used to transport HSSI Over Fiber, though mainly the HSSI CE DSU would be used for single HSSI interface to single Fiber interface. The Access Processor would be used where there is a requirement to transport multiple HSSI connections over a Single Fiber or Pair of Fibers.

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    The Metrodata AP Platform enables the interfacing of odd serial bitrates, standard telco services and infrastructure, and LAN/IP and other NON-ATM Services into a single platform. Narrowband (8kbps) to Wideband (155Mbps OC-3) data rates are supported.

    Its based around a modular Chassis, coming in 3 sizes:

    • AP3000 - 3 Slot
    • AP4000 - 4 Slot
    • AP8000 - 8 Slot

    The APSAT supports all common North American and European Interfaces such as T1, E1, E2, E3, DS-3, OC-3/STM-1. It can be used as a simple ATM Switch, an Access Concentrator of NON-ATM Services or even as an interface converter / FOM. With the addition of specialist modules for Satellite and Defense interfacing, the APSAT becomes a small backbone switch for integrating satellite and terrestrial networks.


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     Metrodata's Fiber Optic Modems  (FOM) provide our Defense users with efficient electrical to optical conversion. Typically military electronic comms and data signals are provided on serial interfaces on Encryption Equipment, Radio Relay Systems and Satcom Equipment. The line driving distance of most serial interfaces is not very far and in the past lots of repeaters were necessary to get any decent distance. With the increased use of fiber, its easier to get decent distances, even up to 100 kilometres. 

    With Metrodata, we specialise in high throughput serial interfaces, and supporting transport of Telecom rates over our Fiber Optic Modems. 

    Metrodata FOM's are available in the following Optical interfaces:

    • Single Mode Short Haul SC
    • Single Mode Long Haul SC
    • Multi Mode SC

    Metrodata FOM's support Serial side and Telco/G.703 including:

    • E1,
    • E3/DS-3
    • OC-3 / STM-1
    • Ethernet

    We also support EIA530 to 20Mbps and HSSI/ECL to 110Mbps over Fiber, for precisely clocked and exact bitrates (For crypto/satcom) on the Metrodata AP3000.
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