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Metrodata provide a variety of different EIA530 interfacing products as listed below, including backhaul of the EIA530 KIV-7M over E3, DS-3, OC-3, ATM, or fiber. These units provide connectivity to the KIV-7M EIA530 Dual Ancillary Rack, which supports two KIV-7Ms in a 19" rack-mount, 2 rack unit (3.50") high space. 

We also provide interfacing of IP Routers and Switches to the KIV-7M EIA530 and LVDS ports.

Useful products for interfacing to KIV-7M Ancillary Racks are:
  • AP3000 - with EIA530_CE module supporting backhaul of EIA530 over E3, DS-3, OC-3, ATM or fiber.
  • AP3000 - with EIA530_UNI module for converging multiple ATM devices over a KIV-7M EIA530 port.
  • LV2000 - Ethernet over LVDS / EIA644
  • WC-Serial - Ethernet over EIA530, X.21 and V.35
  • FIMO-2000 - EIA530 over fibre

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