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Operating at speeds up to 2.048Mbps, the Thales DataCryptor 2000 (DC2K) is typically presented on a standard EIA530 interface. Metrodata have a range of products that can connect the Thales DataCryptor 2000 (DC2K) to:



The DC2000 has been used to interface EIA530 encrypters such as the Thales DataCryptor 2000 (DC2K) to 2Mbps services, such as E1 radio systems or leased lines. The DC2000 provides interface conversion between an E1 G.703 2 Mbps leased line and DTE equipment such as a Thales DataCryptor 2000 (DC2K) presenting an EIA-530 interface, with data being carried on the E1 line as unstructured payload. The DC1000 is a newer product which performs a very similar function.

DC2000 Front

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With the Metrodata AP Access Processor platform it is possible to interface EIA530 encrypters to ATM equipment and services. The AP Access Processor platform is a multi-service ATM switch which supports a wide variety of ATM and non-ATM applications and services.

The two basic types of EIA530 equipment integration supported by the AP Access Processor platform are as follows:

The AP EIA530 CE module performs a very flexible ATM circuit emulation function which can be used to transport encrypter EIA530 data across an ATM network. Two frequency synthesisers are integrated which allow flexible and asymmetric data rates to be supported with 1bps granularity. This module can also be configured to accept incoming clocks which guarantee data integrity (as clock slips are eliminated) and thereby enable applications such as the backhaul of EIA530 encrypter and satellite modems across an ATM or leased line network. Asymmetric, symmetric and simplex applications and data rates up to 20Mbps are supported.

The AP EIA530 UNI module is a serial interface which supports the transmission of native ATM cells. This module enables ATM data (or a converged variety of non-ATM and ATM services) to be transported across an EIA530 infrastructure such as an encrypted satellite or radio network. By slaving clocking of the encrypter or modem clock slips are eliminated and 100% data integrity achieved. Asymmetric, symmetric and simplex applications and data rates up to 20Mbps are supported.






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With the FIMO-2000 serial fiber optic modem you can now backhaul your EIA530 serial services over fiber, for example remoting Satellite Terminals for UAV Systems. The FIMO-2000 supports an Automatic Clock Rate Adjustment mechanism whereby it can automatically lock onto incoming clocks (e.g. from an encrypter, radio modem or satellite modem) and transport the data across a fiber reconstructing the original clocks at the far end. This clocking mechanism ensures the minimum of configuration whilst still offering the maximum flexibility, e.g. asymmetric data rates. This dramatically simplifies the backhauling of a frequency hopping satellite terminal as any clock an data rate changes are automatically accommodated without configuration changes. The FIMO-2000 supports EIA530 data rates of up to 20Mbps and so easily supports the maximum bitrate of the Thales DataCryptor 2000 (DC2K).

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