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Since 1989, Metrodata have been recognised as a leader in the design, manufacture and support of a wide range of communications solutions for customers across the globe. With a blend of both Defense and Commercial customers we maintain a stable position in a tricky and uncertain marketplace.


First and foremost we are interface and transmission specialists, with extensive design experience of both hardware/electronics and also networking systems integration. Having a foothold in both Defense and Commercial sectors allows us to cross fertilize ideas, developments and products to ensure we support legacy as well as new technologies in both areas. Also adding commercially specific features to defense products and vice versa ensures products are future proof.



Designing and Manufacturing Specialist COTS Products For Defense

Metrodata provides our electronics and communications  products to the U.S Department of Defense, Foreign Militaries and Prime / Sub Contractors. Our Products are included in a variety of Systems including:

  • Information, Reconnaisance and Surveillance (ISR)
  • Secure Communications Systems
  • Wideband Communications
  • Satellite Terminals
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Specialising in bridging the gap between incompatible legacy, new and leading edge technologies, Metrodata products support interfacing between Crypto, Satcom, IP, Radio, Fiber and WAN seamlessly. This ensures any System Engineering challenges you are thrown are easily solved and implemented.


Providing Speed, Interface and Protocol Conversion between incompatible network products

Metrodata telecoms/network products reduce infrastructure costs, support legacy/new technology migration and reduce overall operational costs. Our focus is on providing cost-effective network solutions to Corporates, SME's, Public Sector, Network Operators and Service Providers.



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