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Many of our Defense Clients found Metrodata through Word Of Mouth, Google or other Search Engines. Finding themselves facing an interfacing challenge, they typed their requirement for a ’solution’, they asked a colleague or clicked ‘Google Search’ and found themselves looking at Metrodata’s Website. In most instances their challenge was met by an off the shelf product, and in other cases its was a simple case of developing a slightly modified version of an existing product or set of existing interfaces or blocks of technology.

Within the Defense Community, Metrodata have a wide array of clients from Military Agencies, to Defense Manufacturers, Primes and System Integrators. Metrodata are at the leading edge of interfacing satellite modems, Encryption equipment and radio relay systems. We work closely with the  Manufacturers to allow us to test and develop equipment , in line with their new products. We also work closely with the End Users to gain an overview of what issues and requirements they have with interfacing and see where we can help with existing or developed products.



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